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Working With The Tonsing Lawfirm

Getting Started

It is imperative to have a clear understanding of services and fees up front as one establishes an attorney-client relationship. Mike Tonsing is committed to being candid with clients about fees and costs from the beginning. His goal is to build trust, and he is committed to presenting an honest assessment of the work and costs involved in a new matter. Given the uncertainty of litigation, it is sometimes impossible to accurately predict a total dollar outlay, but things can be done to prevent surprises.

Mike offers a free initial consultation during which you can discuss your case and mutually determine whether the Tonsing Lawfirm is a good match. This meeting generally takes less than half an hour. Mike will not hand your case off to faceless associates; when you meet with him, you are meeting the attorney who will handle your case. Again, no surprises, — Mike will not begin any work involving billable hours until a written fee agreement is signed.

Monthly Invoicing

Clients are invoiced monthly. Most clients choose to receive their bills electronically.

Fixed Fee for Service

Though he usually bills clients at his hourly rate, if the situation warrants Mike may offer a fixed fee for services based on a frank discussion of the matter. Or, he may recommend a fixed fee and hourly rate mixture. In making his recommendation, Mike will take into account your needs and the nature of the work involved. He believes in being flexible and offers creative solutions when necessary. Transactional projects, like drafting buy/sell agreements and creating corporations, are the kinds of matters will more likely be undertaken for a fixed fee, set in advance.

Client Budget

Mike understands that many clients must budget, especially in the face of pending litigation. If necessary and appropriate to the task, he will work to create a budgeted fee agreement that extends all the way through a projected trial so there are no big surprises as the case progresses. Or, he may suggest that the matter be handled in budgeted increments, with a fee ceiling on each such increment.

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