» Sampling of Matters Represented by San Francisco Business Lawyer Mike Tonsing
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Sampling of Matters Represented by San Francisco Business Lawyer Mike Tonsing

Mike Tonsing works within the law and the ethics of his profession to advance the goals of individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations. He has had the opportunity to represent a diverse range of clients and issues during his 36-plus years as a business law attorney.

The following list suggests, to a limited degree, the types of business- related matters he handles:

Business Entity Formation

  • drafting buy/sell agreements to protect business owners from the unexpected
  • creating corporations
  • creating Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)
  • creating partnerships and partnership agreements
  • creating and qualifying nonprofits & tax-exempt corporations.


  • pursuing creditor’s rights via negotiation and litigation, sometimes including seeking prejudgment writs of attachment.

Commercial Law

  • litigating business matters in court and representing clients before State and Federal regulatory agencies
  • document drafting

Discrimination Law

  • developing and presenting preventive law training for businesses
  • bringing and defending cases involving alleged harassment, or discrimination due to race, gender, national origin, religion, etc.

Employment Law

  • bringing and defending whistleblower cases
  • bringing and defending wrongful termination and constructive discharge matters
  • bringing and defending retaliation cases
  • drafting and revising employee handbooks and company policies
  • drafting, critiquing, and negotiating severance agreements
  • dealing with overtime issues and employee wage concerns

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