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San Francisco Business Attorney, Collections

Mike Tonsing assists businesses and individuals who are owed monies by vendors or customers. Mike handles business-to-business collections, contract disputes, collection of judgments, and post-judgment litigation. Mike protects creditors’ rights. He has handled collection cases for an array of industries, from small boutique businesses to national corporations.

Mike has helped businesses collect debts ranging from thousands of dollars to much more. He has also represented out-of-state creditors using diversity as a means to establish Federal jurisdiction. Given his background in Federal litigation derived from his years in the United States Attorney’s office in San Francisco, he feels that taking a creditor’s case into a Federal environment may significantly enhance the creditor’s prospects of ultimately prevailing.

Mike counsels businesses in both complex and relatively straightforward collection matters. His collections practice includes:

  • Collection of debts for goods sold and delivered, services rendered, and lapsed installment contracts
  • Breach of employment contract disputes, and actions regarding unpaid wages.

Mike may use a range of enforcement remedies. If appropriate, he will move very early in the case for a prejudgment writ of attachment to protect the value of a judgment and to create an instant “pro-settlement” environment.

Mike understands businesses must have the ability to collect debts while maintaining a positive reputation and goodwill among their peers.

He also recognizes that many collections cases are better handled on an hourly basis than on a percentage-of-the-recovery basis and structures his fee agreements accordingly. He has at times been able to help batch process a company’s files and to work with the credit manager or other in-house official to realistically sort them into two distinct stacks — cases that have a higher probability of success on the short-term and those that do not. He can thus take on the high probability cases on an hourly basis. By doing this, he has been able to help companies to keep outside collection costs relatively low. It is cases that have a very low probability of recovery, he feels, that are best farmed out to an outside collection agency, to be handled strictly on a percentage-of-recovery basis.

As an attorney who considers himself to be a problem solver, Mike will look for opportunities to avoid collection litigation altogether and to resolve matters constructively, tailoring his approach to maximize the swift return of monies owed, when possible.

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